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“Armenian Center of Young Analysts” NGO, involving young people with different professional orientations and outlooks, publicizes and brings to public notice their opinions and surveys in the form of analyses related to different spheres. The center also organizes and carries out manifold events to raise the level of education among young people and promote the development of the analytical field.  We believe that our readers and the participants of our events share our vision of the future of Armenia and agree with our principles and ideas. Subsequently, we create an opportunity of showing a direct support to our initiatives, filled with hope that we are not alone in being conscious of their seriousness and importance.

To continue our independent functioning, we avoid of applying to any organization for permanent financial aid. At the same time, on the ground of our objectives and taking into account our audience, we conduct all our activities free of charge.  Nonetheless, the organization of any serious event needs funding and we implement these programs either through individual grant for projects or in intern cooperation with different organizations. However, these means are not enough to provide the financial potential required to realize the programs and objectives stipulated in our Strategy.

Therefore, we propose the following initiative: “Help us build new Armenia”. Alike the functioning of the ACoYA, here everything is organized in a public, highly transparent and accountable format. Each program is conducted only after collecting the necessary financial means. At the end of the project, our report is published on the official website of our organization and the names of donors are listed on the benefactors’ list. Everyone who donates money receives an individual letter with a detailed report about the program at the end. Information about the already collected resources and the remaining amount still required for the implementation of the project is represented below and is regularly refreshed.

See the details of the projects possible to bring to life solely due to your support below.


School of Impart Competencies of Analytics

In order to develop analytical and scientific writing skills, critical thinking, media literacy and civic maturity in a way of non-formal education among the young people, the center organizes annual “School of Impart Competencies of Analytics” program … [read more=”more” less=”close”]

where the members of ACoYA, as well as eminent specialists who are the carriers of leading and highly qualified knowledge and can be useful for the young people to the extent possible give lectures. The lectures touch not solely upon the development of the mentioned skills, but also upon relevant issues and challenges with which the society is concerned in the given period.

No such initiative has been in place in Armenia before the start of this school, and the ACoYA, having remained faithful to its slogan – “Dare to Think!”, established this project, which was first in its kind and satisfied the modern requirements, giving both fundamental and practical knowledge in the field of analytics.

The course includes a set of lectures, interactive events, unrestricted and bilateral sharing of thoughts, practical trainings.

The main principle and notion of the School of Impart Competencies of Analytics are derived from the basic conception and principles of ACoYA: i.e. to develop a rational analytical field and a polyphonic platform, where active and hard-working young people with the most diverse professions and outlooks will be involved, who will proclaim their overviews, questions, perspectives and judgments. And this school is a project of exchanging experiences, transmitting and mutually complementing skills and knowledge and of “innovation”.

Very often our society does not possess in depth information on certain questions, problems and phenomena and does not have in essence understanding of them. We see its solution not in fights or movements, but in improvement of educational level, awareness and analytical capabilities. The purpose of this and further schools is to sow critical thinking among the youth and to transmit critical abilities for the benefit of the youth and Armenia, not to be afraid of thinking, speaking up freely to the public, struggling for their own ideas and building a new society.

The first stream of the School of Impart Competencies of Analytics was held in 2016.

* The required sum for the implementation of the project makes up 2,4 million AMD (5000 USD)

* The sum gathered – 5000 AMD (11 USD) [/read]

Publication of Collection of Analytical Articles

The annual Collection of Analytical Articles is a selection of the best analyses of the year concerning various fields, published in Armenian and English…  [read more=”more” less=”close”]

The best analyses are selected according to the votes of our analysts and the priority of our readers. The collections are distributed to higher educational institutions, libraries, other scientific-educational centers and stakeholders. The aim of this project is to further disseminate and publicize the young analysts’ messages, popularization of our standpoints and opinions.

* The expenditures of the collections make up 1,5 million AMD (3200 USD)

* The sum gathered – 0 AMD (0 USD) [/read]

Transfers can be made to our bank account both from the Republic of Armenia and from abroad. You only need your bank credit/deposit card. The security of the transfer is guaranteed by “Ameriabank” CJSC.

Transfers can be made in the amount of 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000 and 500000 AMD or 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 US Dollars or Euros.

To start transfer process click on “Select” button under the program you prefer.

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The benefactor can also contact us at and fund any of our programs fully, if wanted.