Associate analyst

Armenian Center of Young Analysts looks for specialists with flexible, analytical and creative thinking who are ready to publicize and bring to public notice their viewpoints and questions in the form of analyses related to various spheres.

The work is carried out on a voluntary basis.

What are the functions of the associate analyst?

  • Associate analyst does not attend the regular and special sessions intended for analysts, and the Congresses. The process is carried out online.
  • The analyst is free to choose the topic. The represented analysis should be popular-scientific, adjusting factual materials to the analysis.
  • The analysis should be written in Armenian, English or Russian.

Required qualifications

  • Flexible analytical thinking
  • Professionalism
  • Zealousness
  • Daring
  • Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Impartiality
  • Responsibility

Introducing and editing analyses includes the following procedures:

  • The analysis is presented and discussed online /via Google Doc/, which is accessible to both all the analysts of the Center and the associate analyst him/herself.
  • The analysts make suggestions and leave remarks on the analytical project via comments.
  • The voting for the approval or disapproval of the publication of the analysis takes place online likewise.
  • After the acceptance of the analysis, the process of editing begins. Afterwards the analysis is published on the official website of the Organization and social networks.

What will ACoYA give you?

Publicity: you will make your viewpoints publicly hearable, you will have published analyses already edited and proofread, translated into Armenian, English, Russian and French and spread through media and social networks.

Personal and professional growth: as a member of our Organization, you will become a part of constantly growing, dynamic and productive team of ACoYA. You will have practical experience promoting your professional development. The membership will give you an opportunity of engaging in an activity connected with your profession, keeping a contact with local and global colleagues, presenting your analyses to them. Furthermore, you will be given a preference to in taking part in the international projects carried out by the Organization.

How to become a member?

Foreign nationals and Armenians living abroad are eligible to apply for the position of the associate analyst.

The procedure of getting a position of the associate analyst is as follows: the applicant presents an analysis which is put to the vote. The applicant overcoming the nomination period gets the position of the associate analyst.

The associate analyst pays annual membership fee determined by the Board, amounting to $20.

In order to be nominated in the associate analyst’s candidacy at the Armenian Center of Young Analysts, complete the application form . We will contact you within a week via the mentioned email. Please, provide an email address  you constantly check.