About us


“Enlight Studies” NGO is the renamed successor of the “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” NGO, founded in October, 2018.

“Enlight” is a research and consulting center, which conducts researches and consultations  in military and technological fields, as well as public policy, economy and culture.

“Enlight” also organizes various events, including courses, lectures and meetings, carries outs educational, oratory, analytical, research projects, publishes and disseminates scientific, analytical, journalistic and informational materials.


We are state-centered. In all our undertakings and principles we proceed from the interests of the Republic of Armenia. Differentiating the governmental from the ethnic we always put and will put state interests in the first place.
Giving priority to serving to the commonwealth, responding to its challenges and answering them appropriately, we proceed with liberal ideas, which include human and civil rights, democracy, freedom of knowledge, speech and expression, tolerance.


organizing communication between public beneficiaries,
stable development of analytical field,
materialization of current intellectual potential to serve to state and public interests.


The Enlight is equally distant from all political figures and power centers.
The Enlight is always ready to cooperate with those organizations which share similar ideas, goals and principles.
Enlight activities are based on publicity, transparency and accountability.
We highlight the importance of professionalism in all our initiatives. Our organization operates only in the scope of its competence.
The implementers of the Enlight ideological and philosophical initiatives are those zealous and brave young people who are convicted that they are the ones to outline and shape the future in the present by virtue of thinking, speaking and acting.