About us



“Enlight” Public Research Center NGO is a research and consultation center, which conducts researches and provides consultations in military and technological fields, as well as in the fields of public policy, economy and culture. “Enlight” also organizes various events, including courses, lectures and meetings, carries out educational, oratory, analytical research projects, publishes and broadcasts materials of scientific, analytical, journalistic and informational significance.



Armenia – centrality Liberal Ideas
We are a state-centric center. In all our initiatives and principles we proceed from the interest of the Republic of Armenia. Accepting public interest as a priority we start with liberal ideas.



The organization of the structural (functional) social thought Organizing communication between public stakeholders.
Materialization of intellectual potential  for the public interest.
Development of public research and analytical field.





 Parallel equality      “Enlight” keeps an equal distance from all political actors and power centers.
Publicity A All the events of “Enlight” are held publicly, keeping the principles of transparency and accountability on the first place.


Zealousness and Professionalism The implementers of “Enlight” are zealous and professional individuals who are convinced that the future, constructed today, is sketched and modeled by themselves due to thinking, speaking and acting.



In 2008 Areg Kochinyan and Nikolay Harutyunyan founded the “Young Politicians Club”.


In 2011 the club was named “Youth Analytical Center”, which aimed to prepare its members for more active participation in civil society institutes through debates, discussions, self-education and self-development.


In 2013 the “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” initiative was established. The initiative aimed at formulating and developing ideas, goals, principles and vision for the future NGO.

In 2016 “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” (ACoYA) NGO was founded. Involving young people with different occupations, it published and publicized their viewpoints and questions in the form of analyses addressing various fields. It also organized and carried out various events.


In 2018, “Armenian Center of Young Analyst”” NGO was further renamed “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO (Enlight Studies) with which it expanded the scopes of its operation.