Young Analysts are Guided by State Interests Young analysts are guided by state interests covered the ACoYA 2nd Congress presenting its agenda issues. The Vice President of the ACoYA External Relations, Armine Muradyan, talked to Aravot about the main directions, ideas and principles of the organization, presented already implemented and upcoming projects.

A part from the interview is presented in the article:

Today, a number of issues related to the expansion of the organization’s activities were discussed at the second session of the “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” NGO. The basic documents, organization declaration and strategy, new charter and internal regulations were presented and adopted.

The center broadcasts the ideas of young analysts in the form of analyzes for both Armenian and foreign audiences.

The Vice President of the ACoYA External Relations, Armine Muradyan told “As we aim to materialize the intellectual potential existing in the society and convey the minds of young professionals, we build on several ideas in which the priority is the Armenian-centeredness. That is, we are guided by the interests of the state. This should not be confused with the interests of the power. We believe that the public and the state should not contradict. And in case of contradiction, we give preference to the state interest, which is primary and very important.”