ACOYA 2nd Congress Took Place

On September 3, 2017 in the “Nayiri” hall of “Ani Plaza” hotel, the second congress of ACoYA took place, which is the highest governing body of ACoYA.

During the event the activity of the organization in 2017 and the performance of the projects outlined in the previous congress were summarized; upcoming projects, a plan and a strategy for the ongoing year, as well as new perspectives for cooperation were introduced. The heads of the departments came up with reports, introducing the work performed during previous months.

The projects of the new ACoYA Charter, Internal Regulations, Declaration and Strategy were introduced for being confirmed by the Assembly. After intensive discussions and suggestions, the Assembly voted for the acceptance of those documents.

The elections resulted in the formation of the new composition of the Executive Council and the Appellate Body, as well as a new Audit was elected. The newly elected bodies would attend to their duties in a week, after the inauguration.

During the congress those members of ACoYA who had made a significant contribution to ACoYA and had diligently performed their duties, thus fostering the development of ACoYA and its regular and high quality activity, were rewarded with certificates.