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Tag: Movement 88

Photo/Poster| Black and White 

Rima Grigoryan interviewed the authors of political posters of 1988: painters Grigor Khachatryan, Artak Baghdasaryan and Norayr Ayvazyan (Constable).   Studying the Movement posters ethnographer Harutyun...

Photo/Poster | “Wake up, lao…”

 “Wake up, lao…” In comparison to April of the same year , the situation of November, 1988  was different. The supreme government of The Soviet...

Poster |The Venality of Soviet Bodies

Posters used at the 1988 rallies symbolizing the venality and obedience of Soviet bodies A poster where the word "PRESSSSSSS!!!!" is written between two telephones...

Photo / poster | “Pravda”

Posters used during the rallies of 1988-1990 as remarks on the publications in the newspaper “Pravda” A rally episode: A poster with the text “Ложь”...