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Three pathways can lead to your involvement in the activities carried out by the Armenian Center of Young Analysts: becoming an analyst, associated analyst or a member of one of our auxiliary department.

Analysts partake in weekly regular and extraordinary meetings, but this is not mandatory. They have right to introduce themselves as the member of the center; seize every opportunity given by the center. The process of acquiring the status of an analyst takes three months and the maintenance of the status is conditioned by the permanent analytical activities and active engagement. The most active and involved analysts become a member of the Board and acquire the opportunity to participate in the management of the organization. Analysts also pay an annual membership fee determined by the Board. Only young people under 35 living in Armenia can become analysts.

Associated Analysts do not possess any responsibility towards the center, but also do not share the rights accessible to analysts: they do not have the right to introduce themselves as the member of the center, do not take part in the meetings of the center. Nevertheless, they have the right after respective editorials to publicize their analyses within the informational platforms of the center, including this website. The associated analysts are not obliged to publicize analyses of a definite number and within a certain time frame, they are free in this. People of any age and citizenship can become an associated analyst.

To become an associate analyst, send to our e-mail address ( an analysis on any topic and fill out this application.

Auxiliary Department (of Translators, Editors, Public Relations and Marketing, Information Technologies, the Staff) membership enables you to become the member of our NGO. Nevertheless, unlike analysts you do not partake in weekly meetings and you do not pay a membership fee.

The announcements on free positions available in the divisions (with detailed description) will be posted below.