Hello dear Mr. Bush,

A group of Armenian children who know you and have already felt your great love and warm attitude towards the children of all nations, are writing to you with alarm and hope.

It allows us to tell you, the protector of children, about our concerns, and disappointments, as well as hope for your help.

In the most tragic days for the Armenian  people, when all of us had  shrunk with  fear and sorrow under our  family roofs, looking for comfort and explanation in the soothing words of our parents, our fathers did not return home.

We knew, that they had hurried to  the places affected by  the earthquake in order to help, they had no sleep and rest and were not sparing  themselves. We were told and were thinking, that they were  still working in the disaster area. But we soon realized  that they had lied to us.

Everyone calls our fathers Members of the Armenian Committee of the Karabakh Movement. It’s already a year since they have been leading the struggle of the Armenian people to unite Kharabakh with Armenia. We know that it is  a fair fight, all Armenians have been  with them. Every Armenian knew them, on the street, on the bus, at school. We were proud of them in front of our classmates, and frankly speaking, a little bit surprised, that our ordinary, kind and beloved fathers were so loved, too much loved by everyone. That’s why we were taught never to become arrogant, never to do bad things, because our fathers would feel uncomfortable in front of the people. And at home they were the fathers who loved us, punished us, played with us and taught us so much They were teaching us that one must always struggle for justice and welfare of his nation, as best as  he  can, to the utmost of his abilities. God had empowered our fathers with these abilities much, and they were struggling  the most. Our fathers were hinting that they would  be persecuted  for justice. We were thinking that maybe, the sleepless nights or the  little time they had for  us were the persecution.

Alas, the most horrible thing happened.

They were hiding something from us, they were hiding it very carefully…

We accidentally learned that they had been imprisoned. At that time, everyone was assuring us that they would be released soon, at Christmas time, on 16th of January. And those days were passing so slowly…So, we didn’t celebrate the New Year, and Santa Claus probably knew that we wouldn’t take his presents, so he didn’t bring any. Then, the most horrible thing began, night visits, perquisitions. At nights, people were coming, interrogating our mothers, turning our houses upside down, searching for something. Our mothers were crying. On the street, at  school everyone sympathizes with us, secretly wiping away their tears. Everyone wants  to know, what news we  have?” 

We have  no news from our fathers. Our mothers have told us that we are mature people, and should not cry, they have told us not to be afraid, because despite this great grief  all the Armenian people support the Committee, everyone writes letters and applications, for releasing  our fathers  immediately. Nevertheless, we have no information about them. People say that our fathers have been taken to Moscow, to a  psychiatric hospital they say even worse things.

We know that our honest fathers have never done anything wrong, never. It was them telling us that justice will win. But when?… Do you know that we, the children were thinking of  organizing a protest to make them release our fathers, but the situation in Yerevan is so  terrible, that it is scary even in movies. We go to school in fear, because there are tanks on the streets and countless  soldiers on the pavements, with real guns. We have been warned and told that they shoot and beat people with batons.

Dear grandfather,

We write to you as directly and sincerely  as if we know you. We know that you are a great person in the world, so it seems to us  that you can help us bring our fathers back. We think that your one word, your one small  request is enough for having our fathers back.

Please, do this for us.

Except for our fathers’ freedom, we pray for you and your family.

P.S. By the way, dear grandfather, will you also set free those who have not yet had children

With hope and anticipation

Vazgen         Manukyan Astghik – 15 years old

                   Manukyan Arevik – 10 years old

                   Manukyan Nvard – 5 years old

Ashot           Manucharyan Levon – 3 years old

Levon           Ter-Petrosyan  Davit – 15 years old

Samvel         Gevorgyan Vahik – 15 years old

                    Gevorgyan Sona – 12 years old

Babken        Araktsyan Astghik – 17 years old

                   Araktsyan Vanane – 4 years old

                   Araktsyan Gurgen – 1 years old  

Davit            Vardanyan Arpenik – 6 years old

                   Vardanyan Satenik  – 1 years old

Xachik          Stamboltsyan Lilit – 14 years old

                    Stamboltsyan Vardan – 4 years old

Alexsan         Hakobyan Hripsime – 7 years old

                    Hakobyan Davit – 5 years old

                    Hakobyan Stepan – 3 years old

                    Hakobyan Tsolak – 8 months

Vano             Siradeghyan Arpi – 15 years old

                    Siradeghyan Davit – 11 years old


Sorce: Archive of Hambardzum.am 


Translator: Lianna Sargsyan.