Reaction of international press

The reaction of international press on the events of Tavush

“Enlight” represents the reaction of international press on the ceasefire violations by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and further developments in the Tavush region, Armenia. There are not only pro-Armenian, but also pro-Azerbaijani materials in the list.

July 30, 2020
A communication channel set up in 2018 to discuss incidents along the front lines could be used for sharing preventative information to protect farmers and minimise risks of escalation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, a recent report from the International Crisis Group  (ICG) suggests.

July 27, 2020
Arab NewsArab News
YEREVAN, Armenia: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a phone call Monday called for peace talks to end clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Kremlin said. The phone call at Turkey’s initiative took place after Armenia’s military said one of its soldiers was killed by sniper fire from across the border with Azerbaijan in the latest bout of deadly violence. Border clashes erupted in mid-July between the ex-Soviet republics, which have for decades been locked in a conflict over Azerbaijan’s breakaway region of Nagorny Karabakh.

July 26, 2020
the Guardianthe Guardian
New violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan has provoked anger and boycotts throughout the two countries’ diasporas.

July 24, 2020
English JamnewsEnglish Jamnews
The flare up of violence on the border has led to fights between Armenians and Azerbaijanis abroad.

Modern DiplomacyModern Diplomacy
The recent escalation of tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, this time along the international border in the direction of the Tovuz district of Azerbaijan in the aftermath of an armed attack launched by Armenia on July12–14, 2020,had been brewing for some time before finally boiling over into full-fledged military clashes, the worst in recent years, […]

Byline TimesByline Times
Nikola Mikovic reports on the recent spike in hostilities between the two nations caught up in a Turkish-Russian power battle.

The Moscow TimesThe Moscow Times
Recent fighting along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border has resulted in at least 17 deaths.

July 23, 2020
In a three-way call on Wednesday (22 July) with the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell called for an end to armed confrontations following a flare-up of tensions last week along the international state border between the two countries.

Asia TimesAsia Times
A long-simmering conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan saw an unprecedented escalation in recent days, as Azeri troops attempted an incursion into Armenia proper rather than the disputed region o…
July 22, 2020
Carnegie Endowment for International PeaceCarnegie Endowment for International Peace
On July 12, skirmishes broke out on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The fighting claimed at least sixteen lives in the most serious outbreak of hostilities in the South Caucasus since 2016. Although the fighting has subsided for now, the situation remains volatile and a war of words between the two countries continues—all of which further complicate prospects for a negotiated solution.

California GlobeCalifornia Globe
In Los Angeles, a wild melee broke out during a large demonstration staged by an Armenian advocacy group.

In the worst fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan in years, the two countries’ media have been reporting opposing, but parallel, stories.
Azeri President Ilham Aliyev signaled a tougher stance on a decades-long territorial conflict with Armenia, adding to tensions over fighting at their border that has killed at least 17 people.
Moscow has played a significant role in propelling the conflict between the two neighbours by creating autonomous regions in Azerbaijan and drawing controversial borders.

July 21, 2020
The Jerusalem Post | JPost.comThe Jerusalem Post |
Azerbaijan, a close ally of Turkey and fellow denier of the Armenian Genocide, has actively sought the eradication of the region’s indigenous Armenian inhabitants and traces of their millennia-old civilization.

São já 17 as vítimas mortais dos recentes confrontos entre os dois países. Azerbaijão ameaça atacar central nuclear e o líder do país despediu o ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros em plena crise.

July 19, 2020
The Washington TimesThe Washington Times

Azerbaijani officials warned over the weekend that an escalating military clash between with rival neighbor Armenia could disrupt oil and gas flows from the Caucasus region to Western European markets…

Modern Diplomacy
Modern Diplomacy
China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research strongly condemns Azerbaijani aggression which Baku started on July 12, 2020.  Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense is a threat for the entire World as it is speaking about its aims to strike Metsamor Nuclear Plant, which is located in Armenia. Baku must understand that this is a crime against […]

Financial Times
Azeri protesters demand move to open war after fighting revives tensions over Caucasian enclave …

The Brussels TimesThe Brussels Times
Angela Merkel sits hunchbacked, an expression of consternation embedded into the folds on her face.
Città del Vaticano – Soffiano minacciosi venti di guerra nel Caucaso: il Papa teme che l’attacco militare dell’Azerbaijan contro l’Armenia nella zona di confine, con scontri e…

YouTubeYouTube | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia

L’Inde est préoccupée par la situation à la frontière arméno-azerbaïdjanaise, a déclaré le porte-parole officiel du ministère indien des Affaires (…)
Cross-border attacks last week martyred 12 Azerbaijani soldiers – Anadolu Agency …
July 18, 2020
Azerbaijan warned on Saturday about security risks to the oil and gas it supplies to European markets due to the outbreak of hostilities at its border with Armenia.


Russia is holding military exercises to test its combat readiness amid clashes between its ally Azerbaijan and Armenian forces, Russia’s defence minister told his Azeri counterpart on Saturday.

Al-Monitor Al-Monitor
Ankara’s harsh outbursts in favor of Baku in Azerbaijan’s rekindled conflict with Armenia might be aimed at domestic consumption as well as pressuring Russia into concessions in Libya and Syria.
An ongoing escalation between Azerbaijan and its neighbor Armenia is threatening to spill over into an all-out conflict that could draw in regional powers like Russia, Turkey, Iran and maybe even Israel.

English JamnewsEnglish Jamnews
8,500 Azerbaijani citizens applied for military service; Armenia discusses the threat of Azerbaijan bombing the Armenian nuclear power plant

RT InternationalRT International
Russia’s defense minister Sergey Shoigu and his Azeri counterpart Zakir Hasanov have discussed the situation in the Southern Caucasus during a phone call, Russia’s Ministry of Defense has said

trtworld.comTRT world
Officials in Baku and Yerevan confirmed shelling with large-calibre weapons and said fighting was ongoing near the border in the Tavush region.
Armenian troops violating cease-fire since Sunday after attacking Azerbaijan’s northwestern Tovuz border area with artillery fire – Anadolu Agency …
Es sind die heftigsten Kämpfe seit 2016: Seit Tagen beschießen sich armenische und aserbaidschanische Truppen mit schwerem Geschütz. Das Risiko einer Ausweitung des Konflikts ist groß. Von Silvia Stöber.

July 17, 2020
The Union JournalThe Union Journal
An Azerbaijani demonstration outside Armenia’s embassy in London ended up being heated after being consulted with a counter-rally of Armenians living in the British capital, amidst a significant ..

Azerbaijan has threatened to hit Armenia’s only nuclear power station after an alleged Armenian threat to the Mingachevir dam, in the latest round of a conflict between the two countries that has recently featured an alarming buildup of drone air forces between the two sides.

Le Figaro.frLe
DÉCRYPTAGE – Des combats transfrontaliers ont fait 16 morts depuis le 12 juillet entre les deux pays, qui se disputent la région autonome du Haut-Karabakh. Un conflit ancestral, où Russie et Turquie ont des intérêts concurrents.

Depuis dimanche, les affrontements ont fait dix-sept morts de part et d’autre de la frontière entre les deux pays. De quoi raviver le souvenir douloureux du conflit du Haut-Karabagh qui a fait 30 000 morts entre 1991 et 1994.

Courrier internationalCourrier international

Après une journée de cessez-le-feu, Erevan et Bakou ont repris, le jeudi 16 juillet, leurs affrontements transfrontaliers, les plus violents depuis 2016. Les deux belligérants, en conflit depuis des décennies, s’accusent mutuellement d’avoir commencé les hostilités qui ont fait plusieurs ..
“Seit dem ersten Tag der Auseinandersetzung verfolge ich achtsam die deutschen Medien, um deren Berichterstattung zu beurteilen. Die ersten Tage war dies aus meiner Sicht zum großen Teil ausgewogen. In den letzten Tagen wurde ich hingegen sehr enttäuscht.”
Seit vergangener Woche bekämpfen sich Aserbaidschan und Armenien wieder. Es sind die schwersten Gefechte seit 2016 – der alte Konflikt könnte neu entbrennen.

The Republic of Armenia condemns in the strongest terms the ceasefire violations by the Azerbaijani armed forces in the direction of the Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia starting from the afternoon of July 12, accompanied by the attempts to infiltrate into Armenian positions with the use of

AMN - Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوزAMN – Al-Masdar News | المصدر نيوز
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:40 P.M.) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his support for Azerbaijan, which witnessed border clashes with Armenia …

The two former Soviet republics accuse each other of shelling military positions and villages.

July 16, 2020
Modern DiplomacyModern Diplomacy
According to Azerbaijani military sources, starting from noon on July 12, 2020, the Armenian armed forces attempted to attack in order to capture positions in the direction of the Tovuz region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border during the time when all the nations are busy with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Ministry of Defense of […]

Armenian and Azerbaijani military forces are engaged in their most serious armed confrontation since the so-called Four-Day War of April 2016, when hundreds of soldiers on both sides were reportedly killed and wounded along the Line of Contact, which marks the frontier of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories in and around Karabakh (see EDM, May 5, 2016). This time, the fighting began …

As clashes fare between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Ankara has warned Yerevan that Turkey will not let aggression against its ethnic Turkic kin go unpunished. Telegraph
Azeri President Ilham Aliyev has sacked his foreign minister Elmar Mamedyarov over the border skirmishes with Armenia …

Fighting on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan reportedly resumed early on July 16 after a brief de-escalation in fighting. 

Border skirmishes near the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region have killed at least 16.

France 24France 24
L’Arménie et l’Azerbaïdjan ont repris jeudi leurs affrontements transfrontaliers, après une journée de cessez-le-feu. Les deux belligérants s’accusent mutuellement d’avoir commencé les hostilités.
Depuis dimanche, l’Arménie et l’Azerbaïdjan se livrent à des combats transfrontaliers qui ont fait seize morts.
July 15, 2020
C’est le troisième jour consécutif de combats. La Russie appelle à la retenue et propose « une médiation ».

France CultureFrance Culture
La région caucasienne du Haut-Karabakh, disputée entre Azerbaïdjan et Arménie, est en proie à des affrontements qui ont fait au moins 16 morts en 3 jours. Turquie et Russie s’activent en coulisses. Covid-19 oblige, le métro de New-York n’a jamais été aussi propre… mais est il sûr pou[…] 

New Eastern Europe - A bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairsNew Eastern Europe – A bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs
Skirmishes in the borderlands of Armenia and Azerbaijan raise fears of escalation.

BBC NewsBBC News
Thousands marched in the capital Baku and some attacked the parliament after clashes with Armenia.

What began as a pro-military demonstration in Azerbaijan last night ultimately turned into an anti-government protest

На границе Армении и Азербайджана на смену артиллерийскому огню и жертвам с обеих сторон пришло затишье. Чем была вызвана вспышка конфликта и как могут развиваться события дальше, разбирался РБК …
July 14, 2020
Le Monde.frLe
Les relations entre les deux pays se sont envenimées de longue date autour de la question du Haut-Karabakh en Azerbaïdjan, une région séparatiste peuplée d’Arméniens ayant fait sécession, avec le soutien d’Erevan, au début des années 1990.

July 13, 2020

Earlier, Azerbaijan reported on Monday on the tensions at the border with Armenia continuing over the night of July 13

France 24France 24
Deadly border clashes reignite Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict
Bei Gefechten an der armenisch-aserbaidschanischen Grenze sind mehrere Sicherheitskräfte getötet und weitere verletzt worden. Die verfeindeten Nachbarländer machen sich gegenseitig verantwortlich.

Armenien und Aserbaidschan befinden sich seit fast 30 Jahren in einem Konflikt um die armenisch bewohnte De-facto-Republik Bergkarabach (Arzach). Die …