Interview. Melanya Khachatryan

 Interview with Melanya Khachatryan, Armenian editor in “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO

How did you find out about “Enlight”?

I found out about “Enlight” from YSU Alumni and Career Center.

Why exactly an editor?

Initially, I applied for the editor’s position because of my busy schedule. Besides that, I like trying out myself in different fields, and there had never been an occasion to work as an editor before. So I decided to start my path in “Enlight” exactly with the editor’s position.

What is the editor’s primary mission?

The editor’s primary and main mission is to provide the reader with  a literate and easily readable article.

How do you choose the materials?

We don’t choose the articles because all  the written articles are subject to editing. In fact, it’s very good because it gives the chance to get familiar with articles from various fields.

What are the main difficulties in your work?

The main difficulty is that you need to be extremely careful to correct every defect because every slight omission spoils the article and gives the reader an impression that the article was not written professionally.

What do you expect from the author?

I expect literate work from the authors in terms of the chosen vocabulary, the grammar and the syntax. I can happily mention that articles gotten from “Enlight’s”  authors are mainly written very literally, and significant changes are seldom needed.

What does “Enlight” give to a volunteer in general, and what has it given to you?

In my opinion, “Enlight” is one of the greatest platforms to volunteer. It allows us to express ourselves, to try out ourselves in various fields, to leave our comfort zone, and of course, to improve and develop.

In your opinion, what kind of qualities are needed to become a member of  “Enlight”?

In my opinion, to become a member of “Enlight,” you simply have to be open to new ideas and cooperation, be friendly, outgoing, initiative, and of course, have a great desire. 

Do you have any versions of a new motto regarding the 4th anniversary of ”Enlight”?

I think “Enlight’s” both former and current mottos fully reflect “Enlight’s” spirit, ideology, and vision. It’s hard to imagine another slogan that would be more corresponding at the moment.

The interview was held by Inga Shirakyan.

Translator: Argishti Yeghyan © All rights reserved.