Interview․ Louiza Sargsyan

An Interview with Louiza Sargsyan, Armenian editor in “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO

How did  you find out about “Enlight”?

I learned about “Enlight” from  my coursemate: we were looking for a voluntary job and decided to apply. 

Why exactly an editor?

In fact, I learned about “Enlight” while applying for the editor’s job position. I did not have enough information about the organisation  and I had not done any work as an editor as well and this has become an opportunity to learn new  things.

What is the editor’s primary mission?

I think the editor’s main mission should be presenting a literate work to the reader.

How do you choose the materials?

There is no choice of editorial materials as  all the materials need to be edited. 

What are the main difficulties in your work?

I can not clearly mention anything, but there are always some difficulties in any kind of work. Understanding the difficulties correctly,   overcoming them and, of course, learning due to them  are important.

What do you expect from the author?

I think the grammatically correct work is important for the editor.

What does “Enlight” give to a volunteer in general? And what has it given to you?

“Enlight” is an organisation full of various opportunities. It gives everyone as well as  me the opportunity to manifest yourself, to create, to gain new knowledge and, of course, to realise your own skills. 

In your opinion what kind of qualities are needed to become a member of “Enlight”?

One just needs a big desire, diligence and creative thinking to become a member of “Enlight”.

Do you have any versions of a new motto regarding the 4th anniversary of “Enlight”?

There were some preferable versions but I think the chosen version is the best one. The motto “Study to change” thoroughly outlines the ideas of “Enlight” in which, of course, the priority is given to education.

Interview by Inga Shirinyan.

Translator: Aram Sanamyan © All rights reserved.