Collaboration Announcement

Collaboration between Enlight Studies & DataPoint Armenia

We are happy to announce the partnership between  “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO and DataPoint Armenia Initiative. Our collaboration will enable joint projects based on the common values of high-quality education, youth engagement, professionalism, and Armenia-focused research. The two organizations will work together to:

  • Develop data-based analytics and research in Armenia
  • Conduct joint research projects and publish the findings as case studies, articles, papers, podcasts, and videos using the distribution channels of both organizations
  • Exchange knowledge, experience, and resources to achieve common goals
  • Establish tools for future collaboration and common research
  • Leverage their networks in Armenia and world-wide to complete joint projects
  • Create opportunities for organization members to connect and collaborate.

In Jan 2021 we kicked off the pilot joint project titled “Economic Data Dashboard: Caucasus Edition”, which brings together economic analysts from Enlight Studies and data scientist volunteers from DataPoint Armenia. Working together over the span of six months, the team will define and develop a dashboard of economic data for Armenia and other countries in the Caucasus region.

The resulting dashboard will become a sustainable and publicly available tool for economic researchers in Armenia and in the region, which aligns with the high impact missions of both organizations. The analysts of Enlight Studies will write and publish data-based articles using this new resource, by extension developing quantitative and rigorous economic research in Armenia and beyond.

Check out the project details and join us!