Partnership Announcement: Enlight Studies & ADASTRA

Enlight | Adastra
Partnership between Enlight Studies & ADASTRA

We are happy to announce the partnership between
“Enlight” Public Research Center NGO and the Ukraine-based think tank ADASTRA!
In the course of our collaboration the two organizations will work together to provide research-based analysis covering the following topics:

  • International relations
  • Foreign policy
  • Economics
  • International trade
  • Climate preservation
This cooperation is an opportunity to:
  • Communicate and exchange knowledge and experience of both NGOs by disseminating intellectual outputs, such as research articles, analyses, and materials
  • Conduct collaborative research by members of both organizations and publish the results through the organizations’ distribution channels
  • Connect and support creative youth in Armenia and Ukraine to bring their common research ideas to maturity
  • Organize international research and trade forums, encourage intercultural dialogue and collaboration.

Early collaboration projects will focus on the bilateral economic relations between Ukraine and Armenia with a future outlook of joint research projects beyond economics and trade.