“Eastern Partnership Development” Report

On June 30, 2021, at the initiative of StrategEast, the official presentation of the report entitled “Development of the Eastern Partnership ” went on a live stream.

Over the past year, “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO as Armenia representative-along with the representative communities of other Eastern Partnership member states: Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Ukraine-has contributed firstly to the formation of vision regarding Eastern Partnership’s future progression, development of expert opinion on a number of critical issues, and based on that, to the improvement of existing EU-EaP programs and development of new undertakings. The initiative comes from the US-based StrategEast Center, which has gathered the views of the representatives of non-governmental and local organizations from the mentioned countries and has combined them in the report named “Eastern Partnership Development.” During the online webinar, the organization’s analyst Heghine Aleksanyan spoke about the work done by “Enlight.” It should be noted that the report will be provided to senior officials of European institutions and, based on the feedback received, allow correcting the gaps in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries, prevent possible risks, as well as make the joint work more targeted- with respectively increasing effectiveness.

The year 2020 confronted both the EU and the EaP countries, including the Republic of Armenia, with a political, economic, and health crisis, forcing them to reconsider their public policy approaches. All this, of course, can not but be reflected in the context of interregional-international cooperation. Priorities have changed over the past year, and StrategEast inquiries were aimed at revealing them by surveying such topics as a new Common Economic Space between the EU and the EaP,  Digital Economy and Society Index, the enhancement of the IT Sector in the Eastern Partnership, united struggle against gender stereotypes, reduction of the Digital divide, Independent Media and Civil Society Development, EU’s COVID-19 Macro-Financial Assistance Package for its Eastern Neighborhood. 

Analysts from the “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO – Heghine Aleksanyan, Hakob Hakobyan, Narine Petrosyan, Gevorg Gasparyan, Tatev Ghazaryan, and Marine Avetisyan– have made a continuous contribution to answering all these questions from the Armenian perspective.

“Eastern Partnership Development” Report

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