‘They set an aim to fill the Armenian analytical field with young faces’: ‘A1+’

March 12, 2016

“All of our publications are available for the public. They are not too scientific, they are meant for wide audiences…” says Areg Kochinyan. 

Another media outlet covered ACoYA’s history, ideology and goals. During the interview for “A1+” The president of ACoYA Areg Kochinyan presented one of the main goals that lead to the creation of the center – making the voice of the youth available to the public, as well as replenishing the analytical field of Armenia with new and young faces. During the conversation the work and the structure of the center were described in details. Today ACoYA has more than 50 members, who work and collaborate on a voluntary basis. All of the analyses written by the members are impartial and independent of any political direction.