ACoYA President Hosted by Radio Van

23 March, 2017

ACoYA’s priority issue is to preserve neutralism in making political analyses, the primary objective is to promote the development of the analytical field.

On March 23, the president of the “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” NGO Areg Kochinyan was hosted by Radio Van program entitled “On the Edge of Truth”.

At the beginning of the program, the president described ACoYA objectives and projects in process, emphasizing the Armenia-centralized tactics of the latter. The axis of the conversation was the parliamentary elections to be held in Armenia on April 2, on which the “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” had conducted a survey. ACoYA president summarized the results of the survey and represented his vision of the possible results of the elections. Thoroughly discussing the party system of the Republic of Armenia, the president illustrated which parties support which ideological directions – from left to right and which parties stand on the dividing line of those two ideologies. He mentioned that the education of the population lies at the core of political reforms, consequently, to have a more developed country to increase the level of legal and political education of the people is required. In this regard, the president highlighted ACoYA’s role which demarcates the state-centered mentality from ethnical.