Volunteerism at the Beginning of Success

Volunteerism is also a job on the path to success. The ACoYA team, attaching great importance to volunteerism and professionalism, provides a great platform for its volunteers. IT specialist/designer Astghik Abrahamyan and HR specialist Lilith Karapetyan, who are the volunteers of our organization have demonstrated high professionalism during their work at the ACoYA. Taking into account their devotion and readiness, the president of the ACoYA Areg Kochinyan awarded Astghik Abrahamyan and Lilith Karapetyan with certificates.

 “I have repeatedly heard from the heads of your departments that every task assigned to you is fulfilled very quickly, enthusiastically and willingly. Let these certificates inspire you in your future career,” said the president of ACoYA Areg Kochinyan and then added, “You should continue at the same pace.”

 “When my work is appreciated, the enthusiasm is growing more and more,” said Lilith.