Interview: Ani Yaghshibekyan

An interview with Ani Yaghshibekyan, a translator and editor at “Enlight” Public Research Centre NGO.

Why did you decide to join “Enlight” Non-Governmental Organisation as a translator and editor?

– I have learned about “Enlight” and joined it when it was still  “Armenian Centre of Young Analysts”. Although I am not a translator by profession, I have always liked that occupation. Seeing the announcement, I gladly applied and became a member of a wonderful family.

How do you choose which articles to translate?

I often choose articles based on my personal preferences: international and local politics, films etc. I also pay attention to whether the given article will be interesting to our readers or not.

What problems do you face while working?

I do not actually face problems while working. The only thing is, maybe, being short of time, which is an inseparable part of our modern life. I generally think if you do your favourite job, you do not even notice any problem.

The main principles of “Enlight” are Armenia-centrality and liberalism. What do you understand by saying liberalism and Armenia-centrality?

One of the main reasons for being an “Enlight” member is its ideas. The members of “Enlight” freely spoke about all topics without any pressure and were free to express their ideas even before the revolution. And, certainly, Armenia-centrality occupies an important place here, which is being proved by the members of “Enlight”, who nowadays are engaged in the process of state-building. 

In your opinion, what is the advantage of working at “Enlight”?

One of the advantages of working at “Enlight” is, firstly,  being surrounded by its delightful members and the atmosphere, which reigns here. “Enlight” allows you to improve your skills. The translations on different topics and from different spheres help you develop in different ways.

And last but not least: What was the most important thing you learned while working at “Enlight”?

“Enlight” taught me to be more organised and made me more self-confident.

Interview by Anna Manukyan.