Artsakh Chronicle | 30 October

Below are presented the ceasefire violations in the direction of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and further developments, started  on September 27, according to the chronology with Russian, French and German translations.

18 October, 2020, 15:08

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia

The situation in the peaceful settlements of Artsakh was relatively calm throughout the day.

18 October, 2020, 11:50

Representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan

There are severe battles at the southern part of the frontline at the moment.

18 October, 2020, 10:57

Representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan

Today in the morning the adversary started the advancement earlier in the north, and, leaving dozens killed, was thrown back.

18 October, 2020, 09:34

Artsakh Defense Army

Reconnoitering and fire engagement operations were ongoing throughout overnight, October 29-30, in the deployed locations of the adversary forces, as a result of which a large quantity of enemy munitions and manpower was destroyed. After midnight, the adversary forces tried to launch a new attack in the south-eastern direction, which was thwarted by the army units. The adversary forces also attempted to gain success in the northern part of the frontline, and these attempts were also thwarted, with the enemy forces incurring heavy losses here as well. The Azerbaijani forces continued shelling of the residential areas of the towns and cities of Artsakh. “Search and destroy” operations against the hostile groups are underway.

18 October, 2020, 01:08

Artsakh Defense Army

The sounds of explosions heard in Stepanakert and adjacent settlements at the moment are the sounds of explosions of ammunition destroyed as a result of targeted strikes by the Defense Army units in the area of ​​operation of the subversive groups of the adversary. The operation to destroy the subversive groups continues.