The ACoYA is Two Years Old

On June 6, 2018, the ACoYA celebrated its two year as an initiative and its ten year as a non-governmental organization.

Over the past two years, the organization has published more than 200 analyzes on a wide range of topics, implemented a variety of programs and events, including the first flow of the “School of Analytics”, the #ACoYA Talks analytical video series, #LiveTalks series of lectures, the “School of Guides”, the project “Talks of Generations”, “Hartak” project, etc. Some of the programs have been implemented as a result of collaboration with partner organizations.

On May 23, on the eve of the two-year anniversary of the organization, the ACoYA changed the executive. As a result of presidential elections, analyst and vice-president of the organization Anna Khachyan, was elected as the president of the ACoYA, and Davit Petrosyan, the information director, was elected as the vice-president of the organization.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the organization, a number of members of the organization received certificates from the acting president of the ACoYA Areg Kochinyan, for their contribution and dedication to the organization.

New executive powers are to be launched on June 6, 2018 from 20:00 to 1 year.