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Nare Smbatyan
Lawyer, scope of interests: current legal issues in RA, juvenile protection, migration law
The RA Minister of Education and Science Araik Harutyunyanmade an announcementon March 15, where he spoke about not allowing the re-registration of the 3rd paid exam in state HEIs.He spoke about the fact that students are given 4 possibilities...
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CESJA or Court?

Two words Every day numerous drivers are fined for violations of traffic rules in Armenia. If once traffic police officer (hereinafter referred to as the TP) only was stopping the car and writing a report on a violation, then today,...
The number of Internet users grows day by day. In 2015, it exceeded 3.2 billion. In the case of such a large number of users, cybercrime is an ideal place for criminals. Cybercrunchers can remain anonymous and acquire personal...