Monday, March 30, 2020

The Presence of the Past

Analytical forum

One country, two systems: China and Hong Kong

1.1. Short review about the situation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is among the most visited cities in the world (around 65.1 mln visitors...

Crisis adjustment and prevention in small open economies: Switzerland

A small open economy, abbreviated to SOE, is an economy that participates in international trade, but is small enough compared to its trading partners...

Gravure. Pavel Shilingovski

“Escape to Egypt”, and “Lot with His Daughters”. The complexity and attractiveness of this technique lie in the fact, that  it is impossible even...

What Would Michel Foucault Think of Social Media, Fake News &...

During the late 70s, Michel Foucault gave a series of lectures at the College de France in which he defined the concept of biopolitics,...



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