Manifest of collaboration

Below is the Manifest of collaboration between “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO and the Swedish Association of International Affairs, which reflects the joint initiative to foster discussions and cooperation between both organizations and their members.


It is an excellent opportunity for young, active, and committed people to unite their analytical and intellectual potential, engage in discussions, expand the boundaries of their knowledge, by sharing experience, and by working toward common projects directed not only to their members but also to the public. The breadth of research that is undertaken by both NGOs will be central to all initiated activities.

Under this manifest the following activities are indicatively planned:
  • communicate and exchange knowledge and experience of both NGOs by disseminating intellectual outputs, usually research articles, analysis and materials, with respect to all copyright policies and rules
  • identify and implement new ways of mutual learning, such as peer reviews, joint analysis,  and studies  including, but  not limited to podcasts, essays, etc
  • make the researches carried out by members of both organizations visible through organizations’ channels
  • explore new working methods, and tools for future work
  • connect and support creative young people to bring their common research ideas to maturity
  • create a knowledge base to spark potential bilateral or multilateral projects and activities

This document will serve as a platform for continuous joint reflection and consultation on the priorities, implementation, and follow-up of cooperation and will encourage further partnerships and good practice exchange among young people, experts, and organizations.