Enlight’s 2nd anniversary under the heading “All for Artsakh”

Dear followers and colleagues ~

October 10 is the day of renaming our organization and it is its second anniversary this year. We decided to carry out this anniversary of renaming “Enlight” under the headline “All for Artsakh”. 

These days the heavy challenge is thrown to our country, to Artsakh, to all of us, irrespective of age, profession, occupied position, political views, civil position… so each of us is an addressee.

Hence, we will have a lot to do after the victory, but it is our duty and our responsibility to do everything possible and even impossible because we decided to live in an independent, happy and peaceful country. The construction of a victorious and powerful state is our decision.

Now we address everyone, our followers and colleagues to join in this initiative and direct joint support to Artsakh by participating at “We, our borders: All for Artsakh”  fundraising of “Hayastan” All Armenia Fund. 

Let’s support for creating our victory and for the construction and the prosperity of our two states. #ArtsakhStrong