ACoYA Gives Youth an Opportunity to Learn and be Heard

The Armenian Centre of Young Analysts was presented to the general public in December 2015.

Although the center was created in 2011 and the story of its establishment stretches even further into the past, the citizens found out about the first Armenian youth analytic center only a month ago.

What kind of a year 2016 will be for the center? What projects and work is in front of the members? And, finally, what will be the center’s role in Armenian socio-political, cultural and economic life? The re-elected president of the center Areg Kochinyan talks about the center’s future plans and actions.

The ultimate goal of 2016 is to become an NGO

A thirty-point plan was presented to the members of the center. The main task, to be implemented in the near future is to receive an NGO status. One of the main goals set by the center is to find appropriate financing for the honorariums for analyzes, as well as the support teams’ (editors, translators) for maintaining the public relations. Potential sponsors will have no political affiliations and will be non-political organizations. It is a crucial position for us, because to serve a political power in the analytic field will mean becoming a campaigning center.

About expanding the ACoYA team

Today the total number of members is 30. In 2016 the overall involvement must reach 50. Although we started presenting to the public and publishing studies only recently, I am glad to note that it aroused great interest among young people. Every day applications are received asking to join the analysts’ and the support teams. Hopefully, by the end of January we will manage to study and answer all the applications.

How analyses are selected

The themes for analyzes, the format and size is decided by the analyst. But before publishing it in the ACoYA website and sharing it on other informational platforms, each analytical material passes through three stages of editing, to ensure the high quality of the work. In the first stage, the analysts presents their work during an ACoYA meeting, after which, as a result of a discussion, other analysts point out the weaknesses and strengths of the work. At the end of the meeting, the analyst is given a list of suggestions for changes, which act as a guide for the analyst to review and revise the work. After this, the analyst is assigned another analyst as an editor. Only after the approval of the editor, the work is given to a proofreader to carry out final corrections.

If there are any disagreements between the analyst and the editor about a certain issue, it is taken to the president to be discussed with. In the future, the best analyzes of the center will be published and given a status of a scientific article.

Being a part of ACoYA is first of all a learning opportunity

The analysts are educating themselves by writing and analyzing. Being in this environment will develop the youngster’s analytical abilities and skills. Also the Armenian Centre of Young Analysts is giving an opportunity to be heard out by the public.