Armenian Center of Young Analysts: Now a Non-governmental Organization

06 June, 2016

Today the analytical field plays an irreplaceable role in creating a public perception about the changes in the international and domestic politics, as well as the issue related to them. The need for the establishment and expansion of the analytical field led to an idea, which resulted in the creation of the public organization “Armenian Center of Young Analysts”. A group of young students armed with free speech, came out with fresh, uniques, and most importantly, unbiased analysis.

On June 6th, the official opening ceremony of the “Armenian Center of Young Analysts” took place in “Erebuni Plaza”.  The opening ceremony was attended by numerous guests, including prominent journalists, foreign representatives, non-governmental organizations, members of the Parliament, government officials, representatives of various universities, analysts and young students. This is a unique opportunity given by ACoYA for the young people who hold different worldviews and professions to raise their ideas, questions and present their analysis.

During the opening ceremony, the president of the organization Areg Kochinyan fully presented ACoYA’s objectives and principles, stating the main purposes of the center, ACoYA’s vice president Anna Danielyan and information manager Davit Petrosyan also gave speeches, presenting the further tasks laid in front of the organization, most notable of which is the idea of creating a school for analysts in the summer of 2016.

It is worth noting once again, that the Armenian Center for Young Analysts operates exclusively on a voluntary basis. It is a platform for the youth, where residents of RA, who are younger than 35, are active and initiative, have relevant academic background (university students or graduates) and have the desire and commitment to support the development of our Motherland can get involved.

It should also be mentioned that the motto of the members of the Armenian Center of Young Analysts is “Dare to Think”, a motto with which they contribute to the establishment and expansion of the analytical field.