‘Today’s Youth to Create Tomorrow’s Armenia’ Conference Unified NGO Forces

December 19, 2016

Photo: Aysor.am
Photo: Aysor.am

There are manifold NGOs in Armenia with young people full of progressive ideas and thoughts performing their activities and expressing themselves vigorously. Each of these organizations uniquely operates in youth’s sustainability, consolidation and society’s correct perceptions of the young people. In our society, nevertheless, solely a few organizations try to cooperate, join efforts and operate more productively. Operating independently from each other, the goal which every NGO strives to reach, requires many efforts and much time to be actualized, hence the necessity to implement a united, consolidated enterprise was given rise to, which would set a new quality in the work of non-governmental organizations. For this purpose the conference headlined “Today’s Youth to Create Tomorrow’s Armenia” was held on December 19, 2016 initiated by the charitable NGO “Paradiplomacy”. Many presidents and representatives of non-governmental organizations were present during the event.

ACoYA vice-president, analyst Anna Khachyan’s opinion on this enterprise is submitted below.

-The conference titled “Today’s Youth to Create Tomorrow’s Armenia” initiated by “Paradiplomacy” charitable NGO presupposes fairly serious and high level objectives. How ready, according to you, is the Armenian Center of Young Analysts to have its input in suchlike initiative?

This is fairly zealous and unprecedented initiative. The title of the conference is emphatic as well. This is a platform to unify the potentials of various NGOs, undertake more resolute and bigger steps. Suchlike initiative is highly welcomed by the ACoYA and the organization is ready through and through to have its own contribution – having its own objectives, ideas and philosophy as the starting point.

-What will be the role of the ACoYA in this project?

Any organization affiliated or affiliating with the project plays its own role, but all the sides have come to consensus on some of the major issues and formulated clear objectives, fixed in the appropriate document. It turns out, we all play in the same performance by establishing dialogues, complementing and assisting each other.

-What will the project give to the ACoYA?

First and foremost, the project creates new opportunities for cooperation with the organizations included in, currently there are 15 of them, which is an extremely important fact. This is also an opportunity to implement wide-scale projects, and why not, multiplies the directions of the activities of the organization.

-What is your vision as the ACoYA vice-president regarding this program?

As far as the program is concerned, we have already developed a pack of multidirectional suggestions encompassing 6 separate projects that still have a need for fermentation. I am convinced that the vision of the cooperation, which is already on ground, will be fundamental.

For more details of the conference visit here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok8rmlwFS5k