#LIVETALKS 1st Generation: Already Launched

February 19, 2017

The events directed at improving the analytical skills among young people are implemented due to the efforts of the ACoYA.
Recently organized course, including the given idea, drew the attention of the students studying at Armenian universities and searching a platform to freely express their voice. The success of the School of Analysts was followed by another event directed at media literacy, the development of proper thinking, the literary work with scientific articles, and in general, the importance and role of learning.

From February 3-10, 2017, a course of 3 lectures was held in the Central Library after Avetik Isahakyan. The seminar started with the presentation of ACoYA’s history, ideas, goals and principles, after which the importance of thinking as well as what we commonly think about was presented. During the next days the meaning of learning was discussed, the content, style, methods and principles of scientific and popular science articles and analyses were explained. All these were achievable to the participants due to the efforts of ACoYA’s team – Areg Kochinyan, Anna Khachyan, Armine Muradyan, Gor Madoyan, Hayk Paytyan and Davit Petrosyan.

The course had a positive feedback and about 50 students from the Armenian higher educational institutes participated in the seminar, 20 of which received certificates.

According to Areg Kochinyan, the president of the ACoYA, it is easy to bring to life any idea, if you know what you want, there is a time and there is a team. As a president of a young organization, and first and foremost as a young citizen of the RA, the latter believes that present day generation is much more willing to think, act freely and analyze the situation precisely than the previous one, but in spite of this, is still far from real and serious expectations.

Like the previous meetings, this course was also free of charge, with great love and willingness…