ACoYA is one years old…

On June 6, 2017 the celebration dedicated to the anniversary of ACoYA took place in “Loft” self-development center, which was attended by current as well as former members of ACoYA, graduates of various projects conducted by the organization and other guests. During the celebration the activity of the organization was summed up, future projects, the plan and strategy of the current year, as well as new perspectives for cooperation were presented.
Reflecting the changes and accomplishments gained throughout the previous year, the president Areg Kochinyan and vice president Anna Khachyan highlighted the transition to contractual volunteer employment.
The year was also marked with the rapidly growing interest of the Armenian youth towards ACoYA, the evidence of which are the recorded results of the School of Impart Competencies of Analytics and the first generation of #LiveTalks. Among the accomplishments were also the establishment of partnership with different organizations and implementation of cooperative projects with them. Various analytic projects prepared so far were also under the discussion with more than 150 in number, and special attention was drawn on the circumstance that the center continually pursues the strategy of making qualitative improvements in analytic works and ensuring diverse orientation of the latter.
The guests attending the first anniversary of ACoYA shared their impressions during the event. Azatuhy Khachatrian, who recently joined the organization as a translator, first learned about ACoYA and its activities through #LiveTalks, attended the project and later decided to join. Talking about ACoYA she pointed out the members’ inclination towards their mission, their enthusiasm and fastidiousness, the willingness to discuss each of their opinions and viewpoints, the existence of smart and creative people.
Marine Ohanjanyan, the head of ACoYA’s Translation Department, has started volunteering in ACoYA since January 2016, she worked as a translator and then was appointed as an editor. Since October 2016 she has been heading ACoYA’s Translation Department. The first motivation for entering the organization was to have progress in the field by translating complex texts. Nevertheless, ACoYA also served as a source of multi genre knowledge, due to the diversity of the topics of the analyses. Besides information, thanks to ACoYA, she has acquired the most important thing, that is, new friends who have already become so dear. As she points out, “the atmosphere within the organization is a mixture of the friendliness and the practicality, a combination of the useful and the pleasant, but the respect towards the other’s opinion, the tolerance and amiability are the pillar of its strength. ACoYA seems to be a unique youth paradox-school where everyone receive education outside ACoYA and import their knowledge and experience into ACoYA”.
Analyst Narek Muradyan highlighted the fact that the Center is an educational field, attaching importance to the freedom of expressing opinions, discussing them freely and the opportunity to correct them. According to the analyst, when team-mates constantly study and teach each other, one realizes, that the time spent in ACoYA is only effective.
During the event ACoYA members were continually sharing their experience of the previous year, and the expectations they have from ACoYA throughout its upcoming activities.
And ACoYA assures that those expectations will soon take shape of new plans, projects and events. But before that…
Dare to think!