The events directed at developing analytical skills among young people continue to be implemented due to the ACoYA.

The success recorded by “The School of Analysts” was followed by another event, the project entitled #Livetalks, which was implemented in cooperation with museums and libraries. #Livetalks is a live platform of interactive lectures and discussions, through which the ACoYA enables young people to voice the issues of their concern, to develop possible options of solutions, to debate on ongoing issues, as well as establish new relations with the professionals of the sphere.

The project was launched in 2017. February 3-10 in the City Central Library after Avetik Isahakian a course was organized of three-day lectures. The first generation of #Livetalks drew the attention of the students studying at a set of Armenian universities searching a platform to freely express themselves and was predominantly directed at media literacy, the development of correct and critical thinking, the increase of literacy relative to writing scientific articles, and in general, the importance and significance of education.

The presentation of the history, ideas, objectives, principles of the ACoYA was at the start of the three-day seminar. ACOYA vice-president Anna Khachyan and analyst Gor Madoyan came up with a joint lecture on “How to make the environment thinkable” and “What we think about”. They introduced what thinking is to the participants, the essentiality of thinking, its exigency and overall, how to make the environment thinkable. Areg Kochinyan, the president of the ACoYA made a speech on critical approach. He delivered a speech on the analyses and popular scientific articles unveiling their objective, principles, content, form and necessity alike. ACoYA vice-president Armine Muradyan gave a lecture on the must of the scientific articles, their actuality and the innovations they bring forth.

During the three-day lecture IT specialist Davit Petrosyan delineated media literacy, its purposes, key points and essentiality. Hayk Paytyan revealed “What is the sense of learning?”

The 1st generation of #Livetalks had a huge feedback: about 50 students from the Armenian higher education institutions participated in the seminar, 20 of which received certificates. Due to its interactivity and non-formality, the course increased among the young people the will and courage to estimate personal strengths, be zealous and bring the knowledge to the practical field. Speaking about #Livetalks Areg Kochinyan mentioned that “any idea is easy to bring to life if you know what you want, there is time and a team”. As a president of youth organization, but primarily as a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, Areg Kochinyan is convicted that today’s generation is much more ready to think freely, act and analyze the situation properly, than the previous one.

#Livetalks includes the concept of free thinking, observing the situation and acting altogether, and in order to bring the expectations of the youth off, it will proceed further.

This course was held free of charge and with great willingness, similar to the previous ones….