Summary 2018

2018 was memorable and full not only for the republic but also for our organisation:

We started the year with ACoYA and concluded it with Enlight.

First of all in June of 2018 was the 2 year anniversary of ACoYA as a non-governmental organization and 10 year anniversary as an initiative. |

Later in October of 2018 the renaming and re-branding of the organization took place. As a result it became “Enlight” Centre of Public Research with extended activity. |

In the passing year we have done 10 projects.Тhese are the most memorable:

We have made and published around 40 analytical materials; we did and published as much translations in English, French and Russian. |

All this was possible with the effort and dedication of all the members of our team and of course thanks to the support of our partners.

Thank you!!

“Enlight” congratulates everyone with Happy New Year and Merry Christmas and wish intellectual, spiritual and physical health to everyone. Let 2019 be a year of continuous accomplishments, creative creations and the year when impossible becomes possible for the Republic of Armenia and RA citizens!!

All the best to Anyone and Everyone!

Happy New Year