On June 6 it was a holiday at ”Enlight”.

According to the tradition, the anniversary of the organization is celebrated on that day. This year marks the 4th (12th) anniversary of ‘’Enlight’’, which was, of course, celebrated in a distant way. The latter didn’t only prevent conveying and getting the warmness typical to ‘’Enlight’’ in double portions but it also gave an opportunity to our members located in different parts of the world to participate. The president of the organization, Anna Khachian, announced the beginning of the meeting. Then the co-founders of the organization Areg Kochinyan, Nikolay Harutyunyan and Davit Petrosyan told about the motives and goals of the establishment of the organization and  about their expectations as well .

The 4th (12th) anniversary of ‘’Enlight’’ is organized under the heading ‘’Education’’ with ‘’Study to change’’ slogan, taking into account the priority of the educational sphere in the organization’s activity and its necessity.

There was also a reference to the three memorable days in the history of “Enlight” and their essence, as well as the main activities of the organization during those  4 (12) years.

As birthdays are often associated with dreams, the Enlightists (people who work there call themselves so) decided to formulate their common dreams about “Enlight” under the slogan ‘’Dare to think!’’. As a result of team discussions dreams were written down and the bravest dreams were highlighted.  They will surely be implemented in the near future.

“Enlight” probably has no shortage of talented people. Lusine Hovhannisyan, Diana Aghumyan and Gayane Aydinyan provided the festive mood of the meeting with their unique and pleasant musical performances: from Bingyol song to Hakhveryan, from Paul McCartney to self-composed songs.

There is no birthday without gifts. According to the beautiful tradition of ‘’Enlight’’, ‘’Enlight’’ is the one giving presents on birthday. In the last few months, the members and volunteers who have excelled in their work have received their gifts and thanks. 

‘’Enlight’’ had also prepared a gift for its followers and readers: The Russian-Armenian translation of the famous 20th century German political theorist, jurist, Carl Schmitt’s radio-essay “Dialogue on Power and Access to the Holder of Power”. The latter was carried out by Mery Babayan, the current head of the organization’s translators’ department, who spoke about the process of translating the book and her feelings.

After the congratulations of the members of the organization, Anna Khachyan concluded the meeting with the following words of Shakespeare: ‘’We know what we are, but know not what we may be,’’ Therefore, we need to think about who or what we want to be and dare to be that Who or What.