The tools for electronic management, developed in the last decades, allow the governments to somehow equalize the alternative between the maintenance of the quarantine regime and the effective management.

                                                                                                              – G. Gasparyan

The scroll paper of small figures (Ko-e)  is a type of a Japanese scroll paper that introduces short stories. It emerged in the 14th century and was used right until the 19-20th centuries.

                                                                                                                       – H. Aleksanyan

On July 15, another workshop of the Analytical forum of “Enlight” was held. The discussion topics on the agenda were the following:

  •         “The electronic governance during the pandemic” | Gevorg Gasparyan
  •         “The features of the Japanese  Ko-e by the example of “A rat’s tale” manuscript” | Heghine Aleksanyan


During the meeting, a new project suggestion was introduced by Lusine Hovhannisyan. The project has aimed to introduce the different branches of law, concepts used in these spheres to the non-professional audience and to refer to the widespread perspectives by discussing them under the light of legislative regulations.

The analytical internship has also started at “Enlight”. It is organized and implemented online by ways and methods of distance communications.

Of a total of 12 participants will be involved in works of The analytical forum in the coming 3 months. They will be introduced to the methodology and toolbox of analytical-research works and will take part in the public speaking of Enlight analysts, in other projects in the circle of the forum and will, of course, work on their own analytical projects.

The participants, who successfully finish the internship, will be awarded certificates. The best analysis will be published on the website of the organization, and the best interns will get an opportunity to join the department of analysts of the organization.

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