On January 24 “Enlight” annual Forum took place at 34 BC Business Centre — an expected event for attendees. This is not only connected with  the  summarizing character of the event, but also with the fact that after a long hiatus it was again possible to gather “Enlight” Community’s members offline.

The meeting was opened by Anna Khachian, the President of the organization. She greeted the attendees, among whom there were not only the current members and volunteers of the organization, but also guests expected at “Enlight”.

After a welcome speech Anna gave a word to Areg Kochinyan, to one of the founding members of the organization who presented the organization’s management structure: forum, board, executive board (president, vice-president), appellant, auditor and management board. He also mentioned the purpose of developing such a management system for the organization: to avoid the possibility of the organization being managed by a single person. Then the President of the organization presented the current staff of Charter bodies and also the candidates nominated to the newly formed staff of the same body.

In order to lighten the atmosphere  and to verify attendees’ knowledge about the organization, the quiz on various issues about “Enlight” was prepared for them. After summing up the results of the quiz, the works done by all the departments of the organization were presented separately.

Before turning to the departments’ main activity, Davit Petrosyan, the Vice-President, presented the new ways and working tools of communication which were used and improved during the departments’ activity in 2020.

Analysts Anahit Karapetyan and Heghine Aleksanyan spoke to summarize the activity of the Analytical Forum. Heghine also talked about the already established cooperation with foreign organizations and perspectives in this field in future.

During the year new analysts joined the department, 144 publications were prepared, a three-month Analytical Internship was held which was coordinated by the analysts Hakob Hakobyan, Anahit Karapetyan and Tatev Ghazaryan.

Anahit and Tatev presented the results of the Analytical Internship and  talked about their impressions and achievements during the internship.

Narine Petrosyan, one of the new analysts of the department, talked about a new initiative , EconoMix, within the framework of which short videos with an interpretation of economic concepts were prepared.

The Analytical Forum was also actively cooperating with other departments of the organization. In particular, analyst Marine Khachatryan talked  about the cooperation with the Translators’ Department and  also presented her proposals about it.

Emphasizing that “Enlight” also considers a task to react to current events, Anahit presented the  interdepartamental project implemented by the organization during the emergency mode — a series of “Artsakh Chronicle” and the results of international media-monitoring.

Mery Babayan, the Head of the Translators’ Department, summarized  the results of the department’s activity. In general, 158 publications were  prepared. The majority of translated materials were articles and interviews on the topic of Covid-19. Carl Schmitt’s famous radio-essay “Dialogue on Power and Access to the Holder of Power” was translated and published. Within the framework of the “Artsakh Chronicle”, the department was also involved in translating significant articles and other materials in the international media concerning the conflict . The list of translations also includes articles and videos within the scope of GreEnlight initiative, Enlight Quizzes, games  etc.

Sona Melkonyan, one of the participants of the three-month Translation Internship, talked about her impressions. The best translations of interns are already published on the organization’s website. They also carried a project work translating the film”Human” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Melanya Khachatryan, the Head of the Editors’ Department, summarized  the results of this department’s activity. In general,252 materials were edited, proofread and published on the website by the representatives of the department. New members were engaged in the department, and the functions of its members  were expanded, due to which they acquired new skills.

Melanya also mentioned the cooperation between “Enlight” and “Wikimedia Armenia”, as a result of which the department’s members learnt to edit articles in Wikipedia. Mariam Manukyan shared her impressions about it. She created 15 articles in Armenian for Wikipedia within the framework of the cooperation.

Vahe Salahyan recalled the initiative of “Voskeghenik”, talked about upcoming news, called for proposals, if there were some ideas.

The members of the Editors’ Department also had an opportunity to present their authorial materials. Vahe Salahyan published two authorial articles on the website. The department’s members  also prepared press-releases about current events of the organization. Narine Galoyan shared  her impressions and achievements in this field.

Ruzanna Hovhannisyan, the Head of the PR and Marketing Department, summed  up the results of this department’s activity. 21 interviews with volunteers and members of “Enlight” were  held, and also a series of interviews out of “Enlight”, dedicated to the memory of archaeologist Samvel Karapetyan, with the participation of specialists in this field. Besides, the department’s members prepared various informative videos and infographics based on the materials published on the website, they also held an information event, Enlight Info Day, in cooperation with the staff and continuously worked  on the organization’s social media platformsThe members of the PR and Marketing Department were actively participating in all the activities during the emergency mode. Information, connected with events in Tavush and then in Artsakh, with multilingual translations was being presented on the website every day and monitoring of international press was also held.

Lilit Karapetyan, the Head of the Staff, presented this department’s activity. In particular, she mentioned the social programmes of the organization within the framework of which the initiative of “100 gift bags for schoolchildren from Artsakh” was implemented and, as a result, more than 100 schoolchildren from Artsakh received stationery bags.

During the day election of  Charter bodies were held. Mariam Jamalyan and Gor Madoyan, the newly elected Board of the organization, presented their programme.

Addressing the organization’s key milestones of 2021, Lusine Hovhannisyan, “Enlight’s” Board Secretary, presented the new policy adopted by the organization on the issue of membership — on the issue of “citizenship” of “Enlight”. According to her words, a member of the organization is a “citizen” of the organization. She called volunteers, who were present, to move from volunteering to membership that will allow them to take part in the management of the organization, to be more involved in its programmes, to use opportunities given to members.

Then , group discussions on the issue of membership in the organization, team spirit, and the motivation of attendees to stay in “Enlight” were held .

And at the end it was the most enjoyable moment: the most active people of the team got “Enlight” presents and a number of volunteers received certificates.


Prepared by Narine Galoyan

Translator: Sona Melkonyan © All rights reserved.