Platform #1 | Nikol Pashinyan

“The Platform” project was launched on March 26 at #Article 3 club.

The platform, on the one hand meets a public official, social, political, cultural figure, and on the other hand, representatives of civil society, youth, and other stakeholders of the society as a platform for exchanging opinions in a question-and-answer format. The project is being filmed.

The first guest of the project was journalist, politician, member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, member of the department of “Civil Contract” party Nikol Pashinyan. He has been engaged in politics after working in the media for many years. Pashinyan has been interested in politics since childhood.

“The interest in public political life has brought me to journalism. During my career as a journalist, I covered mainly political topics. And today, I am here to analyze the events and answer to the questions you are curious about,” said Pashinyan.

The issues that the audience was interested in, were mostly political. In response to the question what impedes the development of institutional opposition and institutional parties, Pashinyan noted that the biggest obstacle to the institutional development of any sphere is the low self-esteem of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia. According to Pashinyan, the way to get out of the deadlock in political and public spheres, is the rise of the citizen’s self-esteem.

“With the rise of self-esteem, the civil consciousness should be raised too, which is a vital component for the formation of a conscious society,” he said.

Other current issues in the political situation were discussed at the meeting. Talking about the street rallies in “14+4” format, going to be organized in April, Pashinyan said: “We will not respond violently to the violence against us. Therefore, we will apply the policy of “open hands” during this entire political process, which will not be delicate or soft”.

The meeting was covered by a number of media organizations.